"At the global level, it is estimated that one child in three is an internet user."

Innocenti, U. (2022). Growing Up in a Connected World: Understanding Children’s Risks and Opportunities in a Digital Age.

It's no question that children today are experiencing a vastly different childhood than what we experienced. Splash The Starfish AR edutainment aims to help children bridge the gap between the physical and digital world through a musical interactive story '&' playbook.

Inspired by Disney and Pixar, this charming adaption of The Star Thrower (1977) by Loren Eisle aims to provide a whimsical experience for children of 2-8 years old.

As one of the few hybrid's of it's time, the Splash the Starfish bundle includes a storybook, a musical e-book, 3D toy, social media mini game, and an Augmented Reality (AR) edutainment app.

Watch the story come to life in a unique multi - sensory experience, through the magic of 3D animations and cutting edge AR technology, while facilitating kids to up-skill their emotional intelligence.

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"It actually feel like you are the boy saving the starfish!" - Sandra, parent

"Can't recommend it enough, my child loves it!" - Elissa Szantyr, parent

"It's normally hard to get my kids to read books, but with Splash AR, the moment they picked the book, straight away they are engaged!" - Lauren Frankham, parent

Children need ways of learning that are relevant to their stage of development. This mode of delivery is engaging, but it's not just entertainment, it's educational. It's a way for helping kids to understand their emotions and how to express them through an app that characterises different types of emotion, it's gonna give them words to describe how the starfish may be feeling, that would later help them to describe their own feelings and express them to others." - Michael Hawton, child psychologist

It's very cute and engaging. The musical sing-along and hand-writen feel of the book will help kids in their process of learning to read and write." - Lyndelle McDowall, speech pathologist

"The team has done an amazing job, the attention to detail is incredible." - Lee Collier, creative director

“While much of design work in industry is brand focussed, this project highlights the important role that design plays in the non-commercial aspects of our daily life, making an impact in our world. We are very proud of Christel's innovative project which utilises AR technology to bring awareness to the issue, and to help children identify their emotions.” - Rachael Shea, SAE Design and Interactive Technologies Program Committee Chair,

“This story is one of many that inspired me when I was a kid, so I wanted to create a fun, interactive experience for children that would also support their development and inspire them to dream. I want kids to have fun, while learning certain values along the way.” - Christel Cherryadi, creator of Splash The Starfish